An Approved  Distributor for Onwa Marine Electronics

AVES Marine Ltd is a UK registered Ltd Company appointed by Onwa Marine Electronics as a UK distributor and retail supplier. We are based in Kent S.E England.

FREE CHARTS with every plotter

Whole of UK and Ireland is built in to all of our plotters + you can have an additional chart of your choice on S.D card.



FREE UPDATES on charts and firmware

18 month parts/labour warranty.

Charts available for UK, Europe and most of the world.


Now available on our downloads page:

Firmware for KPxx99, 99C and K-combo plotters: release date June 2016


Onwa K-chart free cartography. U.K chart covers the whole of the UK and Northern France.

Free cartography for the area shown shipped with every UK plotter.

Most other parts of the world available free - please specify when ordering.

Plotters will now ship with chart built in - no need to keep it on an SD card.

Built in Europe charts for UK, France, Holland, Germany, Denmark

You should try these charts - they are a completely usable navigation tool and compare well with other cartography packages in terms of detail, accuracy and usability.

Click here to see examples of K-chart

Other European Built-in charts available as built-in

K-charts available - the whole world

Available for download now......

  • Latest cartography releases October/November 2015
  • Latest firmware releases June 2016
  • Onwa brochures

     Click here to go to our downloads page for firmware, charts and brochures


See the windyty app on our weather forecast page - this is a super tool for marine users. Enter your sailing location and see wind map with direction and speed/gusts + weather info' - precipitation, sun/cloud, temp' etc for next 5 days.

Click here to go to weather forecast page


We will be happy to call you back if you have any questions.


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