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Customer feedback  

Some comments we have received from customers:

From Carl in Florida re' 1299A sale 

Hi Alan, I got my new plotter installed and it works great.  I pick up AIS targets at sea from about 16 miles out, which is perfect for my purposes  I had some initial apprehension to an unknown Asian manufacturer, but that was laid to rest by the excellent service and communication I've gotten from Aves.  I think there's a market niche that will find you based on price and service.  I didn't necessarily need the slickest, fastest plotter on my 42-year old sailboat - I just wanted something solid, reliable and well-supported.  When you're coming in at literally HALF the price of the big names, I think people looking for maximum bang-for-the-buck don't care that much about the name on the unit -- They just want it to work.  I've had Garmin, Standard Horizon and Raymarine plotters.  I've never gotten anywhere NEAR the level of communication and service from any of their dealers as I have from Aves Marine.  Just keep doing what you're doing and the word will spread. 

From Jan in Denmark re' 8299A sale 

Dear Alan First of all, I must tell you that I never ever in my life have experience such a high level of service as you are given to me, I am overvelmet and feel my self very comfortable as a costumer. You offer me many extra parts for free, that are important for the result in installation, things that I haven't given a thought. I am speechless - and not to forget, you offer me half the price for the insurance just to insure me that every thing I receive from you will be 100 percent - your service with the K-charts is outstanding - if I just could express my self in Danish, but I do to my wife - and in the future to any sailor I meet were ever I go.  


 From Doug, East Coast USA re' 1299 sale 

I installed the plotter yesterday. It was quick and easy and I love it. What a great deal. Thanks, Doug.

From Camile in Belgium re' 6299A enquiry 

Some people told me your are great and helpful - Looks to be true  

From Chris in New York re' 1299 repair (not our sale) 

Alan:  I can't thank you enough for all you've done.  Your level of post sale customer service (even though this was not your sale ) is amazing. I hope I'm able to do business with you in future, you take 99% of the risk buying China out of the equation.  I hope ONWA understands what you do for their reputation.  I've sent them a note, but they might not fully understand.  Please feel free to use me as a reference if it ever comes up.   

From Bernard in Eire re KF667 transducer sale (Bernard has an Onwa fish finder purchased elsewhere that we repaired last year)

Many thanks.   Excellent service as always  

From Malcolm in Scotland re' 1299C sale

Hi Alan

Thank you for the information regarding new version of firmware for Onwa plotter 1299C, I have downloaded the firmware and will install it.

I find the plotter very user friendly with a sharp and easy to read screen, the fish finder has all facilities I need with good fish detection and excellent ground discrimination.

 Best regards.    

Malcom's fishing boat with the 1299C at his helm.

From Lucas in the Netherlands re' technical advice 

Alan, Thank you so much!

From Bernard in Panama re' 1299 sale 

You are so great Thank you I will promote your price competitive plotter. 

Bernard runs a yacht charter business in Panama  : http://panamasailing.com


From Josef in Germany re' 8299A repair and subsequent 1299A sale

Alan I cannot express how thankful I am. Your service is outstanding. 

Without your help and a different brand plotter I would be sitting in Italy with nothing. 

Josef is a really serious long distance sailor.. He bought an 8299A from us in December 2015 which packed up 6 months later whilst he was in Sardinia. We had it shipped back to us and repaired it the day that it was received. He was so pleased that he then bought a 1299A as well! We shipped them both to him the following day.

This is a comment about Aves Marine and Onwa written on a sailor's own website. It is quite long but essential reading if you want to get a customer's view about us. His website is well worth a visit anyway - try it.


Click the link above to visit the site


From Eric, Cumbria; KP1299 

Hello alan fitted plotter today all up and running, very good. all working as should and easy to use very user friendly. just like to thank you for your help and its been great dealing with you and your company. I would recommend you to anyone thinking of getting any Electronics. thanks again Alan.  all the best Eric.


From Peter,   Brigg (North Lincolnshire)

We helped Peter with some technical issues that he had with two Onwa plotters.

The amount of time and effort that you have spent on helping us over the last year or so has been brilliant, especially when we didn't buy the plotters through you.


FFrom Edo in Holland.

 Hi Alan,

I promised you to tell about the experience i had with the trade with Aves Marine.


My dilemma was import from China myself  or through a trustworthy channel?Import from China to The Netherlands.

This is my experience:  After along search on internetsites as Ali BaBa for aPlotter- AIS instrument

three names emerged 1 Bocchi  2Matsutec and 3 ONWA.

After a long deliberation I chose for  ONWA from Aves Marine.Why this choice?

The security that the downloading of K charts was completely covered

by Alan Vick[Aves Marine]  if necessary by sending the Chart on a SD card made

a very pleasant difference from the offers I received from the other 2 firms.

In addition the information i received about the installation was so solid that the choice was easy.

We came to the conclusion that the route to be followed for import from China was twofold:

Aves Marine ordered the instument and organized all the paperwork with ONWA [ in this case the installation of MMSI etc}

The paying of the importduties and VAT in the Netherlands to the handler were my responsibility.

This double path gave me the assurance that the process would be safe and sure [guarantee] and with a acceptable pricetag.

In short it worked really very smooth.  A satified customer Edo Scheijde.

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