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           Onwa Fish-Finder/Sounders.

Onwa semi-professional KFish-7

7" colour TFT screen

Dual frequency (50/200 kHz

Plastic or Bronze version transducer available.

New feature added - now with bottom hardness

7" Day View colour display 800x600


600 Watt transmitter

Eight pulse lengths for excellent performance in shallow and deep waters

Auto function

A Scope display


KFISH-7 600 watt dual frequency sounder

K-Fish only £332.50 + VAT = £399.00

With Plastic transducer    £498.00 inc' VAT

With Bronze transducer   £528.00 inc' VAT

Freight to UK 6.99

Special offer on 7" plotter with sounder. 

K-Combo 7"  £375 + VAT = £450.00

Special price: same as KP-708 so the sounder is free!

£416.00 including VAT

2 only at this price

This is essentially a KP-708 with the addition of a 600 watt dual frequency sounder/fish Finder. 

4 x 3 format low reflectivity screen for better visibility in bright sunlight

Has an internal GPS aerial and can also accept an external GPS aerial if needed.

Tilt and swivel plotter base.

Can use Onwa charts versions 2 and 3, C-Map and Navionics Plus.

Please note that a transducer is not included - either transom or thru hull types are available. Thru-hull transducer can be mounted in-hull in wood and GRP boats - advice on how to do this provided. (note that in-hull mounting will not be efficient in boats with GRP sandwich construction)

Transom or plastic  thru-hull £82.50 + VAT = £99.00

Bronze thru-hull                   £107.50 + VAT = £130.00

Sounders for the Fishing Industry


ONWA Marine 10.4" series fish finders

For professional fishermen and skippers - this is the sounder you would expect to see in the wheelhouse of a professional work-boat or fishing vessel.

 click on display to download brochure






10.4" display,  

 1kw output, 50Hz or 200KHz transducer ( please specify your choice when ordering)

2 Metres cable, Fairing Block for transducer 



 2kw version of the Kf106s1, 

50Hz or 200KHz transducer ( please specify your choice when ordering)



Dual frequency, 50 and 200 KHz  transducers 1KW output, 



2Kw version of the 1067d1




1 Kw output, Dual frequency version with single dual frequency transducer for 50hz and 2Khz, 12 metres cable.

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