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                             January SALE

New latest version KP1299A mk2

2 available - more on order

This is the updated version of the best selling KP1299A with Class B AIS transceiver. Mk 2 models have a faster processor, better hardware and more memory than their Mk1 predecessors. Performance is a lot faster and generally slicker.

This version has a low reflectivity screen for improved image on bright sunny days. 

SALE price £899.00


24 months warranty


free post to UK mainland   *see exclusions below

SALE price £899.00

2 year warranty and free post to UK mainland

Mk1 KP1299A with Class B AIS Transceiver

Special sale for a friend


Advertising this for a friend and customer who purchased this 1299A about 18 months ago for a boat that was never actually launched. The plotter has never been used and is as new. He has since downsized his boat and now doesn't have room for this 12.1" plotter.

Includes GPS aerial

Full user manual

Sun cover

Power cable

UK K-chart

£725.00 + post at cost

Interested in this 1299A?

You can contact me (Alan Vick) via this web-site or call Mark, the owner, direct on:

07787 776492

As Mark is a good friend of ours, although he cannot give you any warranty we will - three months parts and labour.

New/old stock KP-1299 Mark1

(3 available)

KP1299 Mk1  

12.1inch daylight viewable screen with K-chart2 for U.K and Ireland . Can also use C-map Max charts.

 Includes: SD card with UK and Ireland chart, sun cover, GPS aerial with 10 metres cable,  mounting bracket, full user manual, 12 month warranty.


Onwa KP1299 12.1 inch GPS chart plotter

UK Distributor RRP New price £954.00

Sale price - £699.00 with free post to UK mainland* see exclusions below

Warranty = 12 months



New/old stock KP-708A mk1

1 only, mk1 708A to clear

7" plotter with AIS Class B transceiver

UK and Ireland K-chart (covers northern France and Holland)

Can use C-Map Max charts

GPS antenna with 10 metres cable

Sale price - £550.00 with free post to UK mainland* see exclusions below

Warranty = 12 months


Sale price -   £550.00 with free post to UK mainland* see exclusions below

KF667 mk2 5.6” semi-professional sounder/fish finder. 

1 only - very special price




Original price was over £600

Special price £399.00 with free post to UK mainland* see exclusions below

Warranty = 12 months


·        This is a discontinued model that has never been sold or used

·        Mounting bracket

·        600 watt dual frequency transducer. (thru-hull type but can be fitted in-hull in a wood or GRP hull}

·        Full user manual

·        12 month warranty.

I only, used KP6299C Mk1, chart plotter with fish finder/sounder 

Very low hours. Installed on my sailing boat as a back up in case my 1299A ever played up - which it didn't! Hardly ever switched on but about three years old now.

Includes dual frequency transducer, mounting bracket, sun cover (has some signs of usage) and new GPS aerial with 10 metres cable.

New price on eBay at the moment = £719.00

Special price: £399.00 with free post to UK mainland* see exclusions below

Warranty =  6 months


5.6 inch plotter with sounder/fish finder. Dual frequency 50/200 transducer for thru-hull fitting (can be in-hull fitted in a wooden or GRP hull, pre-loaded K-chart 2 (U.K and Ireland) on SD card. Can also use C-Map Max. Includes sun cover, mounting bracket, new GPS aerial with 10 metres cable, full user manual. 6 month warranty

New price on eBay  at the moment £719.00

Special price: £399.00 with free post to UK mainland* see exclusions below



New/old stock KS-33R man overboard AIS SART

Unsold/unused stock. only 5 left

I don't know why these were not a number one seller as they are, in  my view, essential kit for any crew member on board a vessel equipped with an AIS receiver. However, they didn't sell so get a bargain with one or more of these originally at £199.00 now just £99.00for one, £90 for 2 or more. Battery is user replaceable,  battery expiry 2021.

How they work:

Crew member goes over the side and very quickly cannot be seen because of a large swell. Lost crew-member activates the AIS SART by simply pulling the activation cord and within seconds his/her exact position shows on the vessel's AIS receiver. Own vessel quickly follows that target ln their AIS receiver and lost crew member is saved. The distress signal will also be seen by any other AIS equipped vessel in the vicinity including rescue services.

These are very similar to Kannad R10 - I did direct comparison tests with KS33R and a Kannad R10 - they seemed to me to be exactly the same performance. 


£99.00 or £90 each for 2 or more 

with free post to UK mainland* see exclusions below



* free freight exclusions

We would like to offer completely free freight with every sale to anywhere but, sadly, this is simply not possible. Generally, if you live in mainland UK in a populated area freight fees are manageable, however, to Highlands and Islands, Isle of Wight and what freight companies call remote areas, the cost can be quite high. However, if you live in one of these areas we will chip in with a  £10.00 discount on the plotter price in lieu of the free post.


Send me a message to buy or make an enquiry; you can also call me on 07930 127512.

Alan Vick


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