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         ONWA AIS* equipped chart plotters.    


* AIS; what's that?......find out by clicking here                    

Now..... New higher power Class B+ AIS module installed in all models

All Onwa AIS equipped chart plotters now have the new higher specification version Class B+ installed as standard as a free upgrade from the Class B system we are all used to.

Think of Class B+ as a step between the commercial Class A and the leisure Class B systems.

Class B is transmitted at 2 watts, Class A at 12.5watts and Class B+ at 5 watts. Class B+ has the following advantages over Class B:

Extended transmission range, Class B+ transmits at over twice the power of Class B

Your vessel information transmitted up to every 5 seconds (Class B = every 30 seconds). For anyone using a high speed craft this is quite important. 

SOTDMA technology - same technology as Class A - has guaranteed time slot allocation. Class B  has to wait for an empty space to be allocated by the AIS system. In crowded AIS areas this means possible delays in Class B sending out data.

.All these models can use C-Map Max charts, Navionics Plus charts and Onwa's own K-charts. K charts are free to buyers. All these plotters are completely self contained units consisting of a sophisticated multi-function chart plotter with a built in Class B AIS transceiver (some are available as Class B+). One model (K7A) even has an echo sounder/fish finder as well.

Onwa's standard warranty of 18 months parts and service

K-chart2 and K-chart 3 supplied free with every plotter, usually the UK and Ireland chart although these enlarged versions that we supply cover a vast area from Iceland in the North to Spain in the South and almost to The Baltic in the East, Any area of the world can be substituted or as an addition.

Onwa AIS plotters 

End of season AIS sale

7 inch models: 

KP39A Was £495.00 Now £475.00 (5 only)

Freight to UK £5.99

This 7" widescreen (16x9) format sunlight viewable screen is a new addition to the Onwa range at a price that really makes a smart new plotter with AIS on your boat affordable at little more than the cost of an AIS Black Box. 

Glomex RA111 AIS aerial with 10 metres cable terminated at both ends and a mounting bracket can be included for an additional £70.00

Note. There is a smaller 5" version of this plotter (KP-38A) if space is at a premium that we can order in for you. It is slightly cheaper but do bear in mind that at just 5 inches you do need the screen quite close by unless your eyesight is absolutely top line. 



KP-39A 7" 

KP39A also available with an enhanced super sensitive KSA6 mk2 AIS module as fitted into the more expensive Onwa plotters

Was  £530.00 NOW £510.00 (5 Only)

Freight to UK £5.99

Glomex RA111 AIS aerial with 10 metres cable terminated at both ends and a mounting bracket can be included for an additional £70.00

KP708A mk2 with Class B+ AIS transceiver

An improved mk2 version with faster speed and functionality, this model has the more conventional 4 x 3 screen format, IP66 water ingress rating and has a less reflective screen than the KP39A - in very bright sunlight this will improve the visibility of the display. If you intend to use your plotter at your helm where the sun can shine directly on it you may want to consider this model over the 39A even though they share a similar screen brightness. If the plotter is sheltered from direct sunlight then it isn't really a consideration. However, on deck you should consider the IP rating - IP66 is appropriate unless the plotter is sheltered.


KP708A 7"


KP708A+ 7"

Was  £649.00 - comes with:

External KA-07 GPS aerial and mount 

Free post to UK mainland.  Highlands and islands may incur a surcharge (depends upon post code) please ask

Free Onwa K-chart3 of your choice

Sale price £599.00 (5 Only)

Freight to UK £5.99

Glomex RA111 AIS aerial with 10 metres cable terminated at both ends and a mounting bracket can be included for an additional £70.00

KP708A+ version: £619.00

This is the same as the KP708A but has an internal GPS aerial (cannot use an external GPS). You should only specify the internal aerial if the plotter will have a view of the sky or is installed under a wood or GPS roof. This version (KP708A+) is slightly cheaper.


Sale price £569.00 (2 only at this price)

                Both SOLD

Freight to UK £5.99

Wow, this model has everything!

AIS and a dual frequency sounder fish-finder.

K-combo 7A   

This 7" 4 x 3 version is amazing. It not only has the new Class B+ AIS transceiver built in but also a 300 watt nominal, 600 watt max', dual frequency echo sounder/fish finder as well; just about everything you need in one unit. A choice of transom mounted or thru-hull transducer available.  Comes with an external  KA-07 GPS aerial (complete with mount) with 10 metres cable, K-chart3 of your choice. 

Glomex RA111 AIS aerial  can be included for an additional £70.00


£650.00 + Transducer (£99.00)

                              Sale price £699.00 ( 2 only)

Freight to UK £5.99


K-combo 7A

Glomex RA111 AIS aerial with 10 metres cable terminated at both ends and a mounting bracket can be included for an additional £70.00

99 series models

The 99 series has been around for a few years now and has justly earned a reputation for superb reliability and usability by sailors all over the world. In 2018 Onwa redesigned the 99 as a mk2 version to incorporate faster processors, more memory and other hardware changes; the improvement is quite noticeable. Considerably faster boot up and generally a lot slicker performance. 

KP1299A £1049.00 NOW £949.00 (3 only at this price)

Freight to UK £10.00

This has a large 12.1" 4 x 3 screen, a built in Class B AIS transponder and a low reflectivity screen for improved visibility in bright sunlight. The KP-1299 has always been our best selling product both in AIS and non-AIS versions for customers with the space available to accommodate this model. This is unsurprising as the clarity and readability of that large screen makes it an easy choice.

You should try to see one of these super plotters; the screen image is impressive. If you have the room for a 12 inch screen you should consider one of these plotters - you won't be disappointed. 

AIS aerials and other options.

AIS aerial

To receive and transmit AIS signals you will need to buy a dedicated AIS VHF aerial.

Whilst any Marine Band VHF will work for AIS, you should invest in a dedicated AIS aerial for best performance. Standard VHF aerials are tuned to 156 MHz - around the centre of the marine band and are intended to work reasonably well over the entire marine band. However, the AIS channels exist right at the top of the band at 162MHz. So, for best performance you should have an aerial that is tuned to 162 MHz.

We supply Glomex RA111AIS aerials; a stubby 5" aerial that is both flexible and strong and won't get damaged whilst lines handling etc if mounted low down on a rail. They come with 10 metres of cable terminated at both ends with PL259 connectors and have a mounting bracket that can be screwed to a horizontal surface or cable tied to a pole.

Glomex RA111AIS antenna with 10m cable and connectors fitted.  £70.00

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