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New KP39A with Class B+ AIS

Now with new higher power B+ AIS module installed

Arriving 22nd May: a higher specification version of the KP39A with latest enhanced Class B+ SOTDMA AIS installed.

Think of Class B+ as a step between the commercial Class A and the leisure Class B systems.

Class B is transmitted at 2 watts, Class A at 12.5watts and Class B+ at 5 watts. Class B+ has the following advantages over Class B:

Extended transmission range, Class B+_ transmits at over twice the power of Class B

Your vessel information transmitted up to every 5 seconds (Class B = every 30 seconds). For anyone using a high speed craft this is quite important. 

SOTDMA technology - same technology as Class A - has guaranteed time slot allocation. Class B  has to wait for an empty space to be allocated by the AIS system. In crowded AIS areas this means possible delays in Class B sending out data.

Extended reception range; note that this is not a function of Class B+ as such, but, the AIS module that AVES Marine has specified for this version does have better reception performance than the AIS module fitted as standard to the KP-39A model.

Your additional cost for this enhanced version is just £35.00 over the cost of our standard model KP39A.

NEW Class B+ KP39A £510.00 with free post to UK.

Comes with free UK and Ireland K-chart2 on SD card and K-chart3 as a built in UK version. Can also use C-Map Max.

For other specifications and options see KP39 below.

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AIS aerial

For your AIS plotter you will need an AIS aerial. Whilst any Marine Band VHF will work for AIS, you should invest in a dedicated AIS aerial for best performance. Standard VHF aerials are tuned to 156 MHz - around the centre of the marine band and are intended to work reasonably well over the entire marine band. However, the AIS channels exist right at the top of the band at 162MHz. So, for best performance you should have an aerial that is tuned to 162 MHz.

We recommend Glomex RA111AIS aerials; they come with 10 metres of cable terminated at both ends with PL259 connectors and have a mounting bracket that can be screwed to a horizontal surface or cable tied to a pole.

NOTE...… Standard KP-39A with lower sensitivity AIS module is still available at our previous price of £475.00.

For most sailing needs this is an adequate AIS system.

 KP39 7” widescreen (16x9) chart plotter with an extended two year warranty.


KP39A base (rear view)

7” widescreen (16x9) sunlight viewable screen

Sun cover     

Water protect to IPX5 (IPX5= water projected by a 6.3mm nozzle against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects).

Swivel and tilt mounting bracket

GPS aerial with 3 metres of cable to SMA connector (10 metre version KA-07 can be supplied as an option)

Can use C-Map Max and Onwa’s own K-chart versions 2 and 3.

All plotters are supplied with your choice of any two K-chart areas of the world

KP39A base (front view)

24 month warranty implemented in the UK and backed by Onwa Marine Ltd.

UK based technical support.



Free delivery to UK 





GPS antenna supplied with KP39A, 3metres cable to SMA connector, magnetic base to mount on plotter case. Can be mounted on any surface anywhere within 3 metres of the plotter.

important! mount at least half a metre from a steering compass

KP39A using supplied GPS antenna with SMA termination



Optional KA-07 GPS aerial with 10 metre cable



KA07 GPS antenna can be supplied as an upgrade option if an external antenna with a long length of cable (10 metres) is needed. Can be installed in place of the supplied 39A GPS antenna together with a BNC to SMA adaptor if GPS reception is not 100%  or just use an existing GPS antenna with the adaptor. Whilst the supplied GPS gives excellent results, any antenna is only as good as the signal it receives. Deep down in a boat, particularly one constructed in steel or alluminium, an external antenna may be required.

£25.00 (only if supplied as part of a KP39 or 39A sale)  Usual price £35.00

To use the KA-07 with a KP39 or 39A you will also need:

Adaptor options for KA-07

BNC to SMA adaptor or BNC to SMA pigtail cable 

BNC/SMA adaptor




50cm BNC to SMA pigtail connector



Using a KA7 antenna with a BNC to SMA converter