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AVES Marine just appointed as a retailer of NAVIONIC charts

Special price if bought with one of our plotters or to an existing AVES Marine customer. Small area chart £130.00 including VAT

Small Chart only as a retail product £149.00 including VAT

Onwa non-AIS plotters and fishfinders:

New KP-39 

The KP39 model was released in 2018 and quickly became Onwa's best selling product. We sell loads of these which isn't surprising considering all that the plotters provide in the way of a complete navigation instrument, free charts and Onwa's great back up.

Standard Onwa warranty of 18 months parts and service.

KP-39 is a full function chart plotter, 7" sunlight viewable screen and IPX5 water ingress protection. Can use Onwa's own K-chart as well as C-Map and now, with the latest models, Navionics charts also. 


Freight £6.99 to UK, please message for other areas. 

KP-39 models specification

7” widescreen (16x9) sunlight viewable screen

Sun cover      

Water protect to IPX5 (IPX5= water projected by a 6.3mm nozzle against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects).

Swivel and tilt mounting bracket

GPS aerial with 3 metres of cable to SMA connector (10 metre version KA-07 can be supplied as an alternative GPS aerial for an additional £25.00)

Can use C-Map Max and Onwa’s own K-chart versions 2

All plotters are supplied with your choice of  K-chart (UK version is supplied as standard) but any part of the world can be supplied instead or in addition.

18 month warranty implemented in the UK and backed by Onwa Marine Ltd.

UK based technical support.


GPS antenna supplied with KP39 and 39A, 3metres cable to SMA connector, magnetic base to mount on plotter case. Can be mounted on any surface anywhere within 3 metres of the plotter. 

Important! mount this antenna at least half a metre from a steering compass

Supplied GPS antenna with SMA termination

New KP708 mk2 £399.00

This version 7" plotter has:

4x3 image format

IPX6 water protection

Swivel and tilt mounting 

Can be installed in a bulkhead without the mount

Low reflectivity screen; this model is the plotter of choice for use on deck in direct sunlight  and exposed positions. 

Enhanced hardware, slicker and faster (can use K-chart3)

Internal GPS but can also accept external GPS 

Free K-chart3 for the UK and Ireland

Freight £6.99 to UK, please message for other areas. 

K-combo 7" chart plotter with Sounder/fish-finder

Identical to look at as the KP-78, this is essentially the same plotter with the addition of a dual frequency sounder built in.

K-combo7 £435.00 + transducer £99.00

Freight £6.99 to UK, please message for other areas.                                                 

KPxx99 Series models

This is Onwa's flagship range of plotters, offering the best performance of the whole range. The 99 series has been around for a few years now and has justly earned a reputation for superb reliability and usability by sailors all over the world. In 2018 Onwa redesigned the 99 as a mk2 version to incorporate faster processors, more memory and other hardware changes; the improvement is quite noticeable. Considerably faster boot up and generally a lot slicker performance. Can use Onwa's version 2 and 3 charts, Navionics and C-Map.

Comes with KA-07 external GPS aerial with 10 metres of cable and a surface mount.


This has a large 12.1" 4 x 3 low reflectivity screen for improved visibility in bright sunlight. The KP-1299 has always been our best selling product both in AIS and non-AIS versions for customers with the space available to accommodate this model. This is unsurprising as the clarity and readability of that large screen makes it an easy choice.

You should try to see one of these super plotters; the screen image is impressive. If you have the room for a 12 inch screen you should consider one of these plotters - you won't be disappointed

KP1299 £759.00

Freight  £10.00 to UK (Highlands £16.00)

New KP8299

Exactly the same as the 1299 but with an 8" screen.

KP8299 £570.00 

Out of stock 

18 months parts and service warranty

Free chart for the UK and Ireland (other areas available if requires)

Freight £6.99 to UK, please message for other areas. 

Additions for KP39 model

KA-07 external GPS aerial 

KA07 GPS antenna can be supplied as an upgrade option if an external antenna with a long length of cable (10 metres) is needed. Can be installed in place of the supplied 39A GPS antenna together with a BNC to SMA adaptor if GPS reception is not 100%  or just use an existing GPS antenna with the adaptor. Whilst the supplied GPS gives excellent results, any antenna is only as good as the signal it receives. Deep down in a boat, particularly one constructed in steel or aluminium, an external antenna will be required. 

£37.00.00 Surface mounting bracket for KA-07 £5.00

To use the KA-07 with a KP39 or 39A you will need: BNC to SMA adaptor

For K-708 The BNC connector on the KA-07 is a direct fit.

Adaptor options for KA-07      £2.76 

BNC/SMA adaptor

Using a KA7 antenna with a BNC to SMA converter


50cm BNC to SMA pigtail connector


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