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 Downloads & other useful links for ONWA Marine equipment.

The links below will take you to AVES Marine's server on Dropbox where you can download our files without the need to have a Dropbox account yourself. Some of the files are very large and will be in a zipped format and you will need an unzip program to use them (see below). For brochures the files are small so there isn't any need to unzip them. Some of the files, charts in particular, are very large and even on a fast PC will take some time to save to an SD card.

About zipped files: Zipped or compressed files take up less storage space and can be transferred to other computers more quickly than uncompressed files but you will need an unzip program to open them. If you don't have an unzip program there are free trial unzip programs available. Search WinRAW and WINZIP but be sure to go to the actual manufacturer's site and not another that may send you masses of junk and malware at the same time.

To go to the WinRAR site click the link below and select Windows 32 or 64 bit version or Mac


 Note that if you have a slow download speed downloads can take a while as some files are large - for a chart - maybe 20 minutes!


Firmware update instructions:

To do this you will need an SD card reader/writer; lots of PCs have one built in but if not you can buy one -they are inexpensive and can be found on sites such as eBay.

Click on the file that you need and you will be able to download it to your own PC as a zipped file.Unzip the files to an SD card, pop the card in your plotter and power it on - the plotter will recognise the new firmware and ask if you want to update your plotter; press enter and the plotter does the rest. When the new firmware has been uploaded power down the plotter, remove the SD card and power on again - job done!

Note that you must unzip the package and load the individual files-  your plotter cannot unzip the files and will not recognise them in a zipped form or inside a folder..

Should you need any help with this you can call me. Updating firmware on Onwa plotters is a simple process but as with all things computer related simple is only easy when you are have been through the procedure a few times. If you don't have the time for this or  just don't want the hassle - call or mail and we will send you all the files you need on SD Cards at the cost of the SD cards and postage so all you need to do is plug them in and the plotter will update automatically..

Note.. memory cost goes up and down almost daily and at the moment = £15.00 + post 





Latest firmware:

Chart Plotter firmware updates:

Click this link and visit Onwa's web site for the very latest versions.




Fishfinder: There are no firmware updates

Radar: There is an update for 12X8 and 15X8 radar. The update improves targets visibility particularly small targets.

Note that updating radar requires the addition of a hardware interface to upload the new firmware to your radar.

Radar 12x8 & 15x8



K-Charts are free to use on your Onwa plotter although you must agree the terms of use which you can read on the K-Chart page on this website. The terms are written in red text on that page and the use of K-Charts assumes your acceptance of the terms.


K-Chart Maps - find your area and chart number from these maps


Rest of the world

Charts for Europe

Portugal & Spain





Charts for the rest of the World

These are available on request - send a message


K-Charts download instructions and plotter configuration:

Open the map above for your area, choose your chart area and note the chart number. e.g. for the U.K go to Europe map choose EUC chart. Now open the link to charts and select the EUC chart to download. Once downloaded as zip file, unzip to an SD card and you have the chart. 

You will need to configure your plotter to select K-Chart:-

Press Menu once

Scroll down using the down arrow button (this is the large button with up/down/ left/right arrows) to Map Choice

Press Enter

Using the up or down button select K-Chart

Press ESC to exit (the selected map choice will show white text on a black background) 

Press menu again

Main Menu shows with Setup menu alongside

Press the right arrow button to enter the Setup menu

Scroll down with the down button to Map source

Press Enter and select SD Card (again selected map source shows as white text on a black background)

Press ESC twice to exit and return to the chart screen. 


Reboot the plotter if it doesn't pick up the new chart.


Click on the link below and then select the brochure you want to view, after a brief pause (depending upon your Internet speed), you can view and save the brochure to your computer.

Brochures: click this link for all brochures


Manuals: click this link for user manuals.